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yacht club to coney island


  • Ease your way down the slipway. Be careful, its slippery.

  • It will be a waist-deep start (no warm-ups allowed).

  • Countdown and you are off, 1km to loosen up and shake off the nerves.

  • Sight the yellow flags on Coney Island.

  • There will be a slight current to help you along.

  • Your exit point on Coney is between the two yellow flags. Its the safest and fastest way. Swim as far as you can towards the flags until its only a few cm deep, then standup, step between the two big rocks and onto the sand.

  • Follow the marshals instructions.

  • Refresh yourself with an early drink.

  • Keep the flags to your left and head back into the water, bearing left, where you will see the first buoy.

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