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Section 2

coney island to mcguins point


  • After re-entering the water from Coney Island the hard yards begin.

  • Bare left and you will see the first buoy.

  • Head for the buoy and pass it to the right.

  • This part can sometimes get a little choppy. Don't worry, it smooths out pretty quickly.

  • Always keep the buoys to your left and the boats to your right. 

  • Section 2 goes from the re-entry point of Coney Island to the tip or "head of the Diplodocus shaped island" (McGuins Island), a total of 4 Buoys.

  • Another sighting point is the top of the Ox Mountains, you can't miss them, they're pretty big.. unless its misty..

  • This is the longest section of the race. Round buoy 4 and you can see the finish line.

  • There is a reason you keep the buoys to your left, from buoys 4-5 it gets pretty shallow, rocky and can get rough.

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