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Friday, July 22nd, 6:30pm – 9pm
Strand Bar, Strandhill, Sligo, Ireland


Start Line

Sligo Yacht Club, Rosses Point, Sligo, Ireland.

Race briefing at 08:15am on the Slipway.

Race starts at 8:30am sharp.

Kit Bag drop will be sign-posted.

Waist deep/mass start.

Chip Timing.

Se also "Know The Route"

Medical & Safety

The entire race will have safety support. Race Doctor will be present at start and finish. First Aid and safety support by support boats during the swim. Ambulance present at finish line. RNLI and Coast Guard on notification.

Keep all Buoys to your left. Keep all Safety Boats to your right.

Course Notes

This is an entry/exit swim. Be aware of rocks, slippery seaweed and waves during entry and exit. Stay right of all course buoys and flags. 

Respect your fellow swimmers.

Your race is not complete until you exit the water and pass through the finish line up the beach.

Se also "Know The Route"

Hydration & Food

We encourage all swimmers to have their own race plan with regards hydration and fueling. There will however be a drinks station on Coney Island and at the finish line. Personal kayaker support may carry fueling for their swimmer.

Post swim BBQ in Strand Bar at 13:30 followed by Prize Giving.



The WOTS is an approximate 6km swim from Sligo Yacht Club in Rosses Point to the Car Park in Strandhill, County Sligo. The course is broken up into 3 definite sections of 1km, 2.7km and 2.3km respectively. There is an exit/entry point after section 1 on Coney Island where marshals await your arrival. Sections 2 and 3 flow into each other at the head of McGuins Island. For a detailed analysis of the route, see "Know the Route".

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